Peruvian Clowns Arrested for Attending Funeral Service for Colleague Who Died of Coronavirus


After the clowns were corralled into what appeared to be an empty stadium, six feet apart from each other, one of the clowns appeared to apologize on behalf of all the clowns for not using proper social distancing methods.

“I want to personally apologize, I know that it was bad, but I wanted to farewell a friend,” one of the clowns said. “I know that it is bad. That is why none of us clowns have shown any disrespect to any police officers.”

But the police officer did not seem phased by their apology, responding that they were acting irresponsibly by getting together for such a gathering during a pandemic.

“These police officers sacrifice themselves, their own lives, their safety, and you are all spreading the virus with these types of gatherings because you don’t know if you have coronavirus or not,” the police officer responded.

Peru now leads the world as a coronavirus hotspot as of Thursday, with 28,277 confirmed deaths, and also has the highest death rate.