Pro-2A Republican Mark Robinson Becomes NC’s 1st Black Lt. Gov.


He spoke to the city council in April 3, 2018, as new gun control proposals were being considered by cities and states around the country following the Parkland high school shooting in Florida.

As Breitbart News reported, Robinson opened his speech by saying:

I didn’t have time to write a fancy speech. I didn’t have the resource of an English teacher to sit down and write a speech with at school today and be brought over here and practice or anything. What I really came down here for is this, I’ve heard a whole lot of people in here talking tonight about this group and that group, domestic violence and blacks, these minorities and that minority. What I want to know is, when are y’all going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is-I’m the majority.”

He went on to call gun controllers out for seeking to use the actions of criminals as a justification for restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Robinson ran for Lt. Gov. in North Carolina and Fox News reported he emerged victorious on Wednesday, defeating Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) and becoming the first first black individual to hold that office.

During a March 2020 Fox & Friends appearance Robinson stressed that while his campaign was about protecting gun rights, it was also focused on preserving other liberties that conservatives hold dear. It is a theme that has been repeated elsewhere as other major cities across the country have struggled to rein in crime on their streets.He said, “Our message is so much more than the Second Amendment, which is a crucial issue. It’s a message that touches on all the topics conservative North Carolinians are concerned with today.”Robinson won despite $2.5 million in opposition spending in the state by a Mike Bloomberg group.