‘Trump’s White Death Cult:’ Grand Valley State Prof Writes Anti-Trump Column for Chinese State-Owned Outlet


According to a report by Campus Reform, Grand Valley State University Professor Joel Wendland-Liu recently published a column for the China Global Television Network, a media organization owned by the Chinese communist government.

In the column, which is titled, “Trump’s White Death Cult,” Wendland-Liu makes the argument that supporters of the president are dedicated to destroying the United States.

“If I die, I die” means I want all of this to remain in place. It is a demand that the powerful people who dominate the political system in favor of white power should stay in control. Even if COVID-19 continues to spread, killing 1,000 people per day. Even if tens of millions of workers are unemployed, under-paid, under-educated, and unable to change their situation. It is a demand for a slow, painful death.

At the end of September, Wendland-Liu retweeted propaganda that deflects blame away from China for the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. He even shared one tweet that denies the presence of concentration camps in Xinjiang. Breitbart News has been at the forefront of reporting on China’s concentration camps. Many other journalists have independently confirmed through photographic evidence that China operates concentration camps in Xinjiang to indoctrinate Uyghurs and other Muslims.

On Friday, Trevor Blood of the Grand Valley State University College Republicans said that the university’s refusal to condemn Wendland-Liu over his affiliation with the China-owned outlet is concerning.

“By not condemning this behavior by its staff, Grand Valley is inherently condoning these actions. To say I am disappointed in [GVSU] would be an understatement,” Blood said.

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