VIDEO: Protester Attacks Woman in MAGA Hat at Back the Blue Rally


A video of the incident, which has been viewed more than 275,000 times on Twitter, showed the man and woman grappling with each other as a third man appeared to spray mace in the face of the man involved in the fight.

Eventually, the two are separated from each other while one person shouted, “You punched a girl.”

The man then walks away to receive treatment after being sprayed in the face with mace.

The woman wearing the MAGA hat was not injured.

The incident took place outside Gresham City Hall, as Back the Blue demonstrators held an event that responded to the Black Lives Matter flag flown outside the municipal building, Newsweek reported.

Gresham’s neighboring city of Portland has held countless protests that have devolved into riots ever since Minneapolis man George Floyd was killed.

“When we want to peacefully protest and say what we want to say, we always have BLM follow us,” Shelby Walman, part of the Back the Blue group, told KATU.

The Gresham City Council held a meeting Wednesday to discuss the possibility of removing the Black Lives Matter flag, which was scheduled to be up until the end of the month, over safety concerns because of the protests.

“The Black Lives Matter flag will continue to be flown, per Council’s original direction, through August 31. However, the work of continuing to foster equity and inclusion within Gresham will continue, as City Council is committed to furthering racial justice within our community,” the city said.

Most Back the Blue rallies popping up across the country have been peaceful protests, where people show up in cars waving American flags and thin blue line flags to support local, state, and federal law enforcement.