Video: Protester Runs American Flag Through Her Underwear in Front of Trump Supporters


Footage shows the protester in a Trump mask, blazer, and pink underwear in the midst of a group of both Trump supporters and opposers, stuffing the American flag into her underwear, the Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott, who is on the scene in the city, reported:

Footage shows a mixture of supporters of the president and protesters. Officers are on the scene and reportedly attempting to separate the groups to minimize the chance of conflict:

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, protesters, who gathered outside the National Constitution Center, outnumbered Trump supporters and held signs reading “No to fascism.” They engaged in a series of chants, including, “We will not stop until they are gone” and “Trump Pence out now”:

Per the Inquirer:

The opposing groups exchanged unpleasantries — one demonstrator, wearing a pig mask, approached a Trump supporter and told her that she should be wearing a mask — but no physical confrontations were immediately reported. Chants of “four more years” alternated with “Black lives matter.”

The Inquirer also reported that officers attempted to separate the opposing groups.